Pacific Science Center

Caylee has been getting into dinosaurs lately so we decided to take her to the Pacific Science Center.  It happened to be the Butterfly Exhibits 11th birthday so the butterflies got fruit plates and were VERY active!  Caylee had to go on dad's shoulders as she couldn't follow the 'no touch' instructions - and even up there I had to watch her like a hawk as she was close enough to some up in the trees.  Really need to work on her listening and understanding skills.

The tots area was a great hit but most everything else was over her head, but she enjoyed looking at everything - almost!  We got the the dino area and she DID NOT like the big moving dinos!   Mark would move her closer and she'd say "Oh noooooo".  So maybe in a year.

I am addicted to Facebook

if you haven't noticed already, I rarely post here anymore (not like I posted alot before Miss C came along).  It's all Facebook's fault.  The ease of posting pictures, videos, links... stupid quizzes and fan pages.  *sigh*

That and there's not a lot going on in my life right now.  Trying to sort through thrift finds that might sell at the Steampunk Swap and I should be getting skirts and belts made and tagged for MedFest. 

a year and a half today!

18 months on the 18th!  We'll probably go to lunch w/ g-ma and maybe buy her a mylar balloon at the dollar store (she loves balloons!).

  Does this mean I have to start saving for a big blow out party for when she turns 18???  :)

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Designer Disasters and Craft Sale May 9th!

Always fun to shop at!  M mom's booth always has baby items at great prices if you know anyone expecting as well as she'll be selling good quality quilter's fabric yardage. And there's always great deals - this years Designer Disaster sale will include both marked down finished product and clearance priced supplies from crafter's "stashes". Most of the 'disasters' are just crafts the crafter isn't doing anymore, sample products, minor flaws.

Date: May 9th
Time: 10am - 4 pm
Location: IUOW Union Hall at 18701 120th Ave. N.E.
Bothell 98011
That's about a block north of the Bothell Home Depot.

I'll be there early in the morning helping set up (and shopping).
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In order for us to do Norwescon this year I had to be promised all my panels to be scheduled for 1 day - which was managed.  Trek down in the morning, not get a hotel room, truck all my stuff around in a rolling suitcase, and Mark would be incharge of Caylee.  

Well we managed it, but boy did it seem like just as much work as going all 4 days!   Panels went well. Shoe and Boots panel was full and we managed to BS the topic for the whole time.  Steampunk 101 and 102 was PACKED/STANDING ROOM ONLY.  I actually kinda wish I knew how the handouts I slaved over were thought of - we didn't hand them out until near the end of the panel.  Costume in Movies and TV was low key because there really wasn't that many 'WOW' movies to discuss.  

I didn't get as many pictures (again) as I'd like.  I need to find a picture of me in my costume and some better picts of Caylee in her Gir costume.  I keep asking myself 'why do I do this?', (meaning going out of my way to make/research costumes for a 4 day con that may never be worn again or may have not been noticed).  But now with having someone cute to dress up I guess I'm slightly encouraged to keep going.
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The monkey... it is stalking me...

So for Valentine's Day I had gotten Caylee this monkey balloon at the dollar store.  She always points to them at the store and she didn't get one on her birthday.  He's still kicking around, C likes to practice her 'up' and 'down' with him (yes I have given it a gender).  Well the last few days I swear he's been stalking me.  I'm sure it's because he's losing his helium, but from where he was in the living room downstairs he's managed to float his way up the stairs and to the vent outside C's room.  And so he gets taken back downstairs by me after C's had some fun with him running back and forth with him between our 2 rooms - I didn't want to run into the string in the middle of the night if I had to go to her room.  So, to see this as I rounded the corner coming back downstairs one day.....

Kinda Creepie!